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Providing High Quality Generic ARVs to Patients Around the World

We believe that Anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy is an essential tool in waging the war against HIV/AIDS. Hence, we have taken a conscious decision to manufacture and supply affordable, high quality generic ARV treatments to patients around the world. We offer today a wide range of World Health Organisation prequalified (WHO PQ) ARV products that are supplied in over 90 countries in Africa, Latin America, CIS and Asia. We estimate currently close to a million patients worldwide use our ARV products for their daily treatment needs.

Improving Access and Affordability

We have been associated with this cause since 2001 offering ARVs to various National AIDS treatment programmes in Africa. We were also responsible for making these drugs affordable in order to improve access. In 2004, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) was signed up with a view to reducing the cost of the triple drug cocktail for consortium partners in Africa and other countries. Ever since, we have been launching newer drugs and combinations for treating HIV. Currently, we are leveraging our global network of offices, affiliates, joint ventures and alliances to make ARV products available to patients around the world.

Our portfolio comprises Bio-equivalent ARV products. These are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities approved by WHO PQ and / or stringent regulatory authorities.

As a trusted name in affordable medicines, we take pride in our ARVs being sourced for various large treatment programmes by major institutions such as:
  • Unicef
  • Global Fund – VPP programme – through PFSCM
  • UNITAID/CHAI (Clinton Health Access initiative)
  • Red Cross
  • IDA
  • Missionpharma
  • Crown Agents
  • Population Services International (PSI)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Ministry of health – National AIDS programme in various countries
  • MSF in various countries and supply centres
  • Several other procurement agencies
Indeed, with pharmaceuticals for several first-line and second line Highly Active Anti-retroviral Therapy (HAART) regimens and a portfolio providing a large range of bio-equivalent generic ARVs, we hope to contribute significantly to combating HIV/AIDS.
  • Several of our ARVs are prequalified under the QSM programme run by World Health Organisation - (WHO), Geneva
  • We are a leading supplier of ARVs to global NGOs, institutions and government programmes
  • We were the first Asian pharmaceutical company to get approval for a generic ARV from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • We have over 450 product approvals in various countries, with 350 dossiers in the pipeline
  • Our bio-equivalence studies are conducted at approved CROs in North America and India
  • All our ARVs comply with Zone IV and Zone II stability requirements
  • Our range of quality Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) reduce pill burden and improve patient compliance
  • We offer dispersible paediatric ARVs –simplified treatment for children
  • A range of FDC dispersible paediatric and second and third line products are in the pipeline
  • Our product literature is available in different languages – English, French, Russia, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Kazakhstani, Vietnamese and Afrikaans, among others

Disclaimer: Products protected by valid patents are not offered for sale in countries where the sale of such products constitutes a patent infringement.