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8 popular drug prices slashed


THE country's drug price regulator has reduced prices of eight medicines sold by leading pharma companies such as Cipla, Sun Pharma and Unichem by up to 85% , in one of the sharpest price cuts over the past few years.
The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Au-thorily (NPPA), a lew days ago, slashed the maximum price at which these eight medi'cines could besold after its market survey found that companies were selling them at a huge premium compared with their manu'facturing and sale cost.
NPPA prescribes a price ceiling for drugs containing any of the 74 chemicals that are under price control to contain the cost of medication for consumers.
The prices of seven of these eight brands have been fixed by the drug price regulator for the first time. The maximum price for Cipla's popular combination antibiotic, Ciplox TZ, has been cut by 74% from Rs 100.75 to Rs 25.7 (excluding taxes) fora 10-tablet snip.
Ilemanl Bakhru, an analyst with brokerage firm CLSA , said the Ciplox TZ price cut will ad'versely impact operating profit and bring down Cipla's earnings per share by 1%. "The impact will be fell from end of this fiscal," he said. Cipla is the second-largest player in the domestic drug retail market.
As per industry estimates, Ciplox TZ, along with parent brand Ciplox, rakes in about Rs 100 crore for Cipla, though Ciplox, which is among Cipla's largest-selling brands, accounts for more than half of this.
The price of Rexcin Pharmaceuticals' popular burn ointment Silverex AV cream, has been slashed byaround 85% to Rs 25 for a 20-gm tube.