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Sun Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. (Sun Pharma) based in Mumbai, India. Due to vertical integration, economies of scale and our skilled worldwide team we are able to deliver quality and timely products at affordable prices to the UK market.  Supported by our parent company’s strength in research and development and a wide and varied portfolio, Sun Pharmaceuticals UK is set for rapid growth.

Sun Pharma

Established in 1983, listed since 1994 and headquartered in India, Sun Pharma is an international integrated speciality pharmaceutical company. We manufacture and market a large number of pharmaceutical formulations as branded generics as well as generics in India, the USA and several other markets across the world. We have strong skills in R&D, process chemistry and manufacturing complex active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as well as dosage forms.

An undisputable track record of the parent company shows that commitment is there throughout the company. Sun Pharma has continued to increase its portfolio, sales and profit since its stock market listing and is now the largest pharmaceutical company by market cap on the Indian exchanges.

In Europe, Sun Pharma market a broad range of hospital products, with a specialisation in oncology, through a network of subsidiaries in the major markets in Europe including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Nordics and the Netherlands.

In order to succeed in this constantly changing competitive environment the following aspects are crucial for Sun Pharma:

  • Right selection of quality products - due to our strong R & D and skills we are able to develop technically complicated products.
  • Skilled team – by hiring highly experienced people with excellent technical and commercial skills we know how to reach our customers who can further assist us to better understand their needs.
  • Timely delivery – we can guarantee the quality and timely delivery of the products, due to the fact that the finished product as well as API is developed in house in manufacturing sites approved by FDA and European inspectors.