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Our Business Philosophy

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We are an experienced generic pharmaceutical company with a distinct business philosophy that is designed to empower community pharmacy to take back control of their substitution business and get it working in a way that works best for themselves and their customers.

Commercially Sensible and Simple

  • Great Value – The cost savings we make through our integrated manufacturing and our purpose designed, low overhead, local operation are passed on directly to our pharmacy customers. With the assurance of a competitive price, our customers can maintain a consistent alternative brand which reduces patient confusion. The competitive terms are also valuable to assist the pharmacy to fund the community services they provide, often free of charge.
  • Uncomplicated Product Offering – We do not wrap our customers up in complicated contractual supply arrangements with penalty clauses, or hide uncompetitive pricing in bundled offers. You can access our products through a choice of convenient distribution channels. Most discounts are off invoice so there is no waiting to realise the saving.
  • Great Service – Our pricing may be reasonable, but our service is not compromised. Our centralised Account Management Team is on standby to support you whenever you need service. You can decide when and how often you want to be contacted. All our customers are afforded equal attention, regardless of their pharmacy size or geographical location.